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Novelty & Promotional goods

We provide not only small quantity original souvenir for promotion and novelty, but also supply several tens of thousands OEM products.
We have quick and courteous response to your request as No.1 manufacturer in Japan.


Graduation memorabilia

You can have school-songs Musical box for Graduation and Anniversary.
We have been producing Musical boxes more than 50 years for Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior high, High schools and University in Japan. We arranged more than 4,000 schools-songs.
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About Music Box

It is an introduction about the music box.
Here is introduced Music box history from the beginning to today .


Music Box Mobement(Mecha)

Introduction of Music Movements.
We will respond your request regardless of the ordering quantity.


Traial Listeneing

You can listen more than 2,000 tunes from 18 note to 160 note. We have many tunes of Classic, J-POP, Anime-song and Children's song with daily updating .
Please enjoy trial listening.



Here is introduction about deluxe Music box 'ORPHEUS' to be provided by Nidec Sankyo Corporation.


MOZART Music Box Series instrument

Musical Instrument Music box "MOZART" Series has been developed under the concept to enable to enjoy at home easily live performance of a music box.
It has compact design with deepening sound quality and acoustic.


Net Shop 'Orgel Gallery'

We sell many Musical boxes and movements for consumer in 'Orgel Gallery'.
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