Pump Units

A family of pump unit products that use brushless DC motors. These units are used for water heater feed pumps, fully automatic washing machines and refrigerators.

Model Self absorption Flow performance

More than 40L/min, head 1.0m
More than 15L/min, head 2.4m


No / Yes both type Non-self absorption : More than 4L/min head 5.5m, PWM duty 70%
Self absorption : More than 6L/min head 8m, PWM duty 90%
NTHE Yes More than 10L/min at hose length 4m, head 1.2m
NTHD Yes More than 28.5L/min at hose length 1.8m,head 0.5m
NTGM Yes 1.3L/min.(typ), head 600mm