Image Scaner Units

Image scanner units that fuse image reading technology into card readers.
They can be customized in accordance with applications such as reading of characters printed on checks and special characters for forgery prevention and reading of various types of IC cards such as passports and driver's licenses.


  • High speed scanning
  • Compensating image shading by microprocessor
  • Compact size & deep field focusing
Model Applications Scanning area Resolution Light source INTERFACE
IST306-0130 Checks Length:127~225mm
200dpi RGB color / Photopic vision gray ccale USB 2.0 High speed
ISU110 Barcode/OCR 24mm 600dpi LED λ=940mm(660nm option) USB 2.0
ISI220-0332 ID cards 50.8mm 300/600dpi R, G, B and IR USB 2.0 High speed