Privacy Policy

NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATION("The Company") occasionally requests personal information from users, such as names and e-mail addresses. This may occur when a user is completing a recruiting entry sheet, requesting product, technology or IR information, ordering from our catalog, requesting an estimate or completing a survey.

The Company places the strongest emphasis on the security of this personal information, and its information security manager continually strives to ensure privacy.
The Company's information security policies are set forth below.

  1. The Company takes the most effective technological measures at its disposal to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification or leakage of the personal information stored on its server.
  2. Personal information provided to the Company is used only for such legitimate purposes as guiding the development of better products and services, and identifying customers' information needs. No personal information is provided to subsidiaries or contractors except in connection with such legitimate purposes.
  3. When personal information is requested, the intended use and cognizant departments are clearly disclosed. Reasonable efforts are made to verify personal information and correct any errors.
  4. The Company strictly complies with laws and regulations governing the safeguarding of personal information, continuously reviews its policies, and updates them as needed.


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