NIDEC SANKYO's product lineup includes micro motors, stepping motors and a variety of other motors, as well as card readers, industrial robots and a broad array of other equipment. These products are successful in the rapidly advancing IT and multimedia domains, business and consumer applications, and in a wide range of industrial applications. NIDEC SANKYO contributes to the creation of value by offering core parts of the highest quality and functionality for cutting edge devices.


Core products forming the heart of "things that spin and move"

Motor are NIDEC group Core products forming the heart of "things that spin and move". Variety motors from Compact Small-Bore Motors to Servo Motors that power supply Industrial Robots, Sankyo responds customer needs.

Motor Drive Units

Providing market-leading products through pioneering development

It all began with motors and musical movements. They gave rise to a fusion of mechanical and windup ("karakuri") technologies. Sankyo product family exploiting this "Karakuri-Tronics" technology is used in home equipment and electrical appliances all over the world, helping with "convenient and comfortable" daily living.

Card Readers

Card-handling technology proven by the global top share

About 40 years lasting product developments realizes the Market Share No,1 in the field of Card Reader. Finance and related markets demand high security and robust durability. NIDEC SANKYO has moved forward with applying and expanding technology honed in those markets into transport, logistics, and other new fields.

Industrial Robots

Realizing fast and stable handling of glass substrates and wafers

Stable handling is realized through the NIDEC SANKYO's servo motors, made with high-level control technology, combined with optimal design that suppresses vibration to the utmost level. NIDEC SANKYO has also developed industrial robots that can be used in severe environments such as clean rooms, vacuums, and high temperatures.

Plastic Molded Products

With integrated broad technologies from mold design, injection molding, to unit products/optical lenses, NIDEC SANKYO actively supports the customer's successful new product releases.

Sankyo's plastic parts has the competitive power supporting by the high die manufacturing technology expands in the variety markets such as,OA・IT, Automobile,Medical and Home equipments. Die design,die production and decorating of plastic parts and so forth all are in house.Sankyo proposes high precision and quality plastic parts.


Sankyo's Sensors meet the customer needs by its their own high sensitivity and reliability.

Unit products and system equipment with motors as core components are evolving into high-reliability, high value added products in step with sensing technology evolution. NIDEC SANKYO's high sensor technologies are supporting competitiveness of motor-application products.

Precision Ballscrews

Realize linear motion positioning with high accuracy

NIDEC SANKYO's Ball Screws are used extensively in the industrial instruments. They meet the needs of high accuracy required in mechanical actions.

Musical movements / Music Box

Delightful musical tones sparking all kinds of dreams

Musical movements were NIDEC SANKYO's original business. Today the company still keeps up a rich range of musical movements, from the high-end ORPHEUS to 18-note regular models used in character goods. NIDEC SANKYO also runs a cell phone-linkable melody website called "Orgel-Honpo". In this and other ways, the company is developing products that keep pace with the times.